Walker bashes Iran Deal after visit to Israel

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently returned from a trip to Israel, and took the opportunity to bash President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran in a post entitled “Reflections on My Recent Trip to Israel” on Medium.

“As the Israelis rightly recognize, such a bad deal would not only gives Iran a pathway to a nuclear bomb, it would empower their broader, destructive agenda,” Walker wrote.

President Obama’s vision for the deal would set the Iran nuclear program back by a decade, while lifting sanctions on the country.

“We don’t have to guess that Iran might do with billions of dollars in sanctions relief to funnel to terrorist proxies and an intact nuclear infrastructure,” Walker counters in his article.

The final deadline for the Iran nuclear deal is June 30 and negotiators are still working on the finishing touches.

While in Israel, Walker met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s relationship with President Obama has been testy to say the least.

“The current administration is not giving Israel the support it needs. Instead of standing with our ally, the president is making bad deals with a country that wishes to wipe Israel off the map,” said Walker.

Walker has said that he would scrap any nuclear deal with Iran if he was elected to the White House.

“It would be a foolish approach to take,” said the President in an interview with NPR last month. “And perhaps Mr. Walker — after he’s taken some time to bone up on foreign policy — will feel the same way.”


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