PBS’ Judy Woodruff is a Clinton Foundation donor

Taxpayer-funded PBS buries Stephanopoulos story as The NewsHour anchor has been revealed to be a Clinton donor.

In a 21 May blog entry, PBS’ ombudsman, Michael Getler, attempted to interpret both Judy Woodruff’s donations to the Clinton Foundation and PBS’ neglecting to grant coverage to the explosive account of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos’ donations to the same charity.

In his record, Gelter submits “it’s not a great idea” for journalists to clutch a connection to either political party, politicians or to pay no heed to a weighty (Stephanopoulos) story.

There have been questions this week about journalists’ contributions to the Clinton Foundation and my name has come up. I want to clarify what happened. In 2010, after the massive earthquake in Haiti, I made a gift of $250 to the Haiti Relief Fund, established by the Clinton Foundation. It was meant for charitable purposes only,” said Woodruff, to conclude her evening show on 15 May.

Behind the striking personalities, the fine penetrating eyes and silver tongues lay a political agenda: This is yet another peek into the murky world of broadcast news.

To be fair, Woodruff’s pledge dwarfs Stephanopoulos’ gift by tens of thousands.  This does not, however, absolve Woodruff, Stephanopoulos or PBS from conflict of interest:  There are charities other than the Clinton Foundation.  For PBS, a taxpayer-funded entity, this is particularly damning:  The public-funded network has now run out of both excuses and cover for their misdeeds.

Caught red-handed, Woodruff and Stephanopoulos both demonstrate professionalism in public apologies.

Their unwieldy credibility as the sole owners of the truth sputter; their political convictions are no longer shrouded in mystery.

Once worthy of a vigorous discussion, the time has passed for an honest conversation regarding bias in media.  Internal housecleaning is unnecessary:  Their suffocating left-wing orthodoxy has led masses to flock elsewhere for news.  If the media continues to beclown themselves as mere cheerleaders for the democrats, no audience will remain.

What does their vision of news distribution consist of?

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