CNN debate format: All GOP candidates welcome

In contrast to Fox News’ debate style announced earlier this week, where only the top-ten republicans in national polls qualify for a nationally-televised debate, CNN has announced the September debate hosted at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will welcome all candidates.  CNN has devised a tier system:  The upper tier includes the top-ten candidates; the second tier will include those GOP candidates who achieve the minimum one percent in nation-wide surveys.

In response, GOP chairman, Reince Priebus, declared:  “We support and respect the decision CNN has made.”

Dis-similarly, GOP candidate, Rick Santorum, blasted the Fox News’ format calling them “arbitrary” and “not legitimate.”  Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania who won the Iowa caucus in 2012, huffily responded when he realized his lagging polling numbers meant he would be excluded from the Fox News’ debate.

Santorum’s moaning is risible:  Fox News can hardly be accused of denying exposure to GOP candidates.

While Fox News’ style may have an unjustified effect on GOP candidates with low-poll numbers, Santorum, much like other GOP candidates struggling in national polls, has several months to hit the campaign trail, posture himself as a man interested in governing, and a man of clear, right, reassuring and practical convictions to become a reasonable alternative to the uppermost tier of GOP candidates.

Polls are typically a snapshot of the day:  If Fox News is viewed as applying a discriminating tactic, CNN has emerged to be the land of milk and honey for GOP back-benchers.

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