Clintons disclose new donor list, additional $26 million in previously unaccounted revenue. Yes, $26 million.

The Clinton Foundation has publicized a previously unreleased list of donations totaling $26.4 million from both U.S. and foreign corporations, post-secondary schools, and even foreign governments. The money was apparently counted as revenue from speech-fees charged by Bill, Hillary, and their daughter Chelsea.

A 2008 ethics pledge made by the Foundation at the behest of President Obama, before Hillary’s nomination to become Secretary of State, requires the charity to disclose all of its sources of income. To date, the Clinton’s speech fees have not been included on public donor lists because the contributing organizations were not making tax-deductible donations. With media pressure building since Hillary announced her run for the 2016 Democratic nomination however, the Foundation is making an attempt to create an image of transparency.

In all, 97 speeches have been made by the Clinton’s on behalf of the Foundation since 2002 (15 by Hillary), which has collected approximately $2 billion since Bill left the Oval Office in 2001.

Transparency has become an issue for the Clinton Foundation because of the global nature of their organization and it’s conflict with the national interest in conducting official state business overseas. Ms. Clinton’s job as America’s top diplomat at the State Department has raised questions in this regard, especially after news came earlier this year that she kept work emails on a private network server which has since been deleted.

Such charitable speaking engagements that have been disclosed by the Foundation include the likes of a Chinese natural gas consulting company ($250,000), a Nigerian newspaper ($500,000), a South Korean energy company ($1,000,000), Thailand’s energy ministry ($500,000), and the Qatar First Bank ($500,000).


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