State Department asks for 2016 deadline to release Clinton emails, Court rejects proposal

In what might end up being bad timing for the Hillary ’16 campaign, the State Department in federal court yesterday asked the presiding judge for a January 15th deadline to release the contents of Ms. Clinton’s emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. The Department is being sued under the Freedom of Information Act in U.S. District Court, but first must review what is contained in former Secretary’s correspondences with the help of federal foreign policy experts, and foreign governments.

All of Secretary Clinton’s emails were stored on private server, but since that information became public two months ago she has since released 55,000 pages of printed emails to the Department for internal review. While all of the supposedly “private” emails have been deleted by Clinton’s staff, the proposed deadline to make the non-sensitive emails public comes only two weeks before the Iowa Caucuses in early February.

Regarding the Benghazi investigation, State officials have promised to release those emails before the Congressional committee hearing at which Ms. Clinton is set to appear sometime later this year.

There are currently 79 Freedom of Information Act lawsuits pending against the State Department, but their lawyers have said that they are making the Clinton email case a priority.



According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, Judge Rudolph Contreras of the D.C. District Court has rejected the State Department’s proposal to release all the emails by January 15th. Instead, the government must release Ms. Clinton’s State correspondences on a rolling basis after being censored for information sensitive to national security, state secrets, etc.

The judge ordered State to create a schedule of release for the contents of the emails and submit it to the Court within the next week.

Ms. Clinton has asked the State Department to release the emails ASAP.


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