President Obama snubs the Cubs

When it comes to Chicago sports, even presidents feel the pressure to pick sides. According to the CNN Bleacher Report, President Obama made his support for the White Sox baseball team abundantly clear when he followed almost every Chicago sports team on the personal Twitter account he made on Monday except for the Cubs. The only other team that remained unfollowed was WNBA’s Chicago Sky. Both teams did not hold back on calling him out for his actions; the Cubs were sure to remind him that the President has a much larger playing field and fan base to keep happy by tweeting

The WNBA Chicago Sky, not to be forgotten, followed shortly with their own tweet:

Will the President give in to these tweets and welcome the Cubs into his twitter circle, or remain steadfast in his support of the White Sox? Only one thing is for sure: President Obama is learning early on that there is no better lesson in diplomacy than the dramatics of the Twitter world.