After nearly a month, Hillary answers questions

For the first time since late-April, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton takes questions from the press on the campaign trail.

When asked at a scheduled sit-down with Iowans on Tuesday, if she would be answering any questions, Clinton said “I have to ponder it. I will put it on my list for due consideration.”

Since she last answered questions, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been bogged down by scandals stemming from her time in the State Department, the Clinton Foundation’s finances and the $25 million her and her husband have earned for speaking engagements since last January.

Clinton addressed a few of these issues when answering questions from reporters at the event at Bike Tech in Iowa.

On the matter of her use of a private email for government business while at the State Department, Clinton said “I want those emails out.”

She dismissed questions about her personal wealth and the money her and her husband earn as public figures, but she was more expressive on the matter of the Clinton Foundation, which has been under fire for receiving donations from foreign donors.

“I’m proud of the work it has done and the work it’s doing,” she said. “we’ve never forgotten where we came from and we’ve never forgotten the kind of country we want to see for our granddaughter, and that means that we’re going to fight to make sure that everybody has the same chances to live up to his or her own God-given potential.”

Clinton also took the opportunity to weigh in on President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal which he is trying to fast-track through Congress.

“There are questions being raised about this current agreement,” said Clinton. “It hasn’t been fully negotiated yet, so I don’t know what the final provisions are yet… So, I have said I want to judge the final agreement. I have been for trade agreements, I have been against trade agreements. I’ve tried to make the evaluation dependent on what I thought they would produce, and that’s what I’m waiting to see.”

If you want to be sure that you don’t miss the next time Hillary Clinton chooses to answer questions from the media, check-out this handy clock from The Washington Post that keeps track of the last time Hillary gave an answer.


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