Leaders claim to have the votes for Obama’s trade deal

House Ways and Means Chairman, Paul Ryan, declared there exist votes in the House to approve the Obama’s trade promotion authority.  Despite some republican opposition, Ryan appeared optimistic in a CNN appearance on State of the Union when he stated:  “We will have the votes. We’re doing very well. We’re gaining a lot of steam and momentum.”

The deal, which faces opposition from both parties, particularly Elizabeth Warren’s progressive wing and labor unions, will allow Mr. Obama to submit his twelve-nation, Trans-Pacific Partnership bill to Congress for a straight, up-and-down vote deprived of amendments.  According to Ryan, his faith in the bill’s passage emanates from the role both the White House and Congress perform.  Ryan insisted “the trade promotion authority gives lawmakers a chance to instruct the White House on what to negotiate in the deal.”

Similarly, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seconded Ryan’s conviction and came across as assured the measure would pass in the Senate in his appearance on This Week when he asserted:  “Yes, we’ll pass it. We’ll pass it later this week.”

It is a distinct pleasure to witness this event.

This sobering news, bi-partisanship manifesting itself in a flash, is demonstrable evidence elected leaders are not irresponsible obstructionists and can be trusted to govern effectively.  If the Trans-Pacific Partnership scrapes by in both chambers, Elizabeth Warren will have a fit, but at least it demonstrates Congress and the White House can agree on something.