Jeb Bush still opposes gay marriage, surprises no one

Just in case you thought otherwise, Jeb Bush would like you to know he’s still absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt, still opposed to gay marriage.

During an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Bush said:

“To imagine how we are going to succeed in our country unless we have committed family life, committed child-centered family system, is hard to imagine,” Mr. Bush said. “We need to be stalwart supporters of traditional marriage.”

No wiggle room there. He also elaborated on his position, explaining that he believes gay marriage is not a constitutional right. The Supreme Court is set to rule on the issue later this year.

“So, irrespective of the Supreme Court ruling — because they are going to decide whatever they decide, and I don’t know what they’re going to do — we need to be stalwart supporters of traditional marriage.”

His comments are not surprising. Jeb Bush has always opposed gay marriage and it seems he has grown even more conservative on the issue as he prepares for his expected 2016 candidacy. Recently he has grown more vocal on the issue, expressing the belief that states should decide whether or not to allow same-sex marriage, not the federal government.

We will get more of this on the campaign trail.


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