Oh George! Stephanopoulos admits to substantial donations to Clinton Foundation


TIME magazine cover from 1994.

He issued an on-air apology this morning, and recuses himself from debate moderation.

ABC’s Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos has disclosed thousands of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation. Stephanopoulos, a former Democratic congressional aide and Clinton White House advisor, acknowledged the donations were “for the best of reasons,” but conceded they were made in error.  In an interview with On Media blog, Stephanopoulos said:  “In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have, even though I did it for the best reasons.”

Stephanopoulos’ admission confirmed the suspicions of many and was followed by an outcry from Republican candidates and Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, who was subject to Stephanopoulos’ intensive inquiries while defending his book on ABC’s This Week.  Schweizer criticized Stephanopoulos’ conflict of interest declaring it a “massive breach of ethical standards.”

Is Stephanopoulos’ activity anything new for members of television or print media?

Stephanopoulos’ donations represent the common problem of a closed system of thought within the ranks of network and cable-television figures:  The media is permeated with left-wing cheerleaders.  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews once worked for Thomas “Tip” O’Neill; MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell worked for Daniel Moynihan; and former CNN Crossfire host, James Carville, is a long-time Clinton ally.  Even more disturbing is the overwhelming number of media correspondents, writers, producers and news directors, most of who either have direct ties or sympathies to the Left:  88 percent of media figures donate to Democrats.

Few expect any individual to discard their deepest political convictions when choosing careers and donations to charitable foundations are laudable; however, the failure to fully and publicly reveal donations to the Clinton Foundation and rely exclusively on the foundation’s publications illustrate Stephanopoulos’ political depth, personal inauthenticity, and a lack of intellectual honesty.

It is the duty of those who hold views outside our ken and responsible for the dissemination of the news to make hard choices.  Unfortunately for Stephanopoulos, he was snared while trying to take the easy way out. Stephanopoulos’ admission is a powerful indictment of the media and is a paramount cause of audiences fleeing and seeking refuge with Fox News and Internet-based news sources.

By concealing his contributions, Stephanopoulos joined the swelling column of media enablers, excusers, and whitewashers in a venal playing field.

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