College student to Jeb Bush: ‘Your brother created ISIS’

Ivy Ziedrich, the girl facing Bush at the bottom left of the image, grills him on his brother’s legacy. “Your brother created ISIS,” she said. Photo courtesy Business Insider.

Ivy Ziedrich a 19-year-old college student at the University of Nevada at Reno took an opportunity to grill Jeb Bush on his brother’s Iraq War legacy and told him that his brother carried responsibility for the creation of the Islamic State.


“The threat of ISIS was created by the Iraqi Coalition Authority, which ousted the entire government of Iraq,” Ziedrich said. “It was when 30,000 individuals who were part of the Iraqi military … were forced out. They had no employment. They had no income. Yet they were left with access to all of the same arms and weapons. Your brother created ISIS.

Bush told her that he chose to “respectfully disagree with her,” and the likely Presidential contender instead blamed the rise of ISIS on the Obama Administration’s withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.

“We can rewrite history all you want, but the simple fact is that we’re in a much more unstable place because America pulled back,” Bush told her before moving on.

Jeb Bush drew fire early this week when in an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News he said that even knowing what we know now, he would still have gone to war in Iraq in 2003.

For the full exchange between Bush and Ivy Ziedrich, checkout the video below.

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