Scott Walker goes to Israel to prove foreign policy prowess

Likely Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker left on a “listening tour” of Israel Saturday┬áto brush up on the nuances of Middle Eastern politics and show that he has a firm grasp of American foreign policy. Traveling with the Republican Jewish Coalition’s executive director, Gov. Walker will not be giving any speeches or be answering any questions from the press. However, he will be meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and visiting historical sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Walker has made multiple “trade trips” to Europe over the past year, all paid for with public money. Previously, Wisconsin’s governor had embarrassed himself by likening pro-union protestors in his state to Islamic terrorists.

A GOP strategist who worked for the McCain presidential campaign in 2008, observed the following about Walker:

“Frankly, he doesn’t know much about foreign policy and the best place to start, if you’re going to understand the fine points of foreign policy, is starting with Israel and the Middle East.”

We’ll see what Walker says next Thursday when he returns to the States, and whether he learned anything substantive – it could be the tipping point for his campaign.

According to the latest polls, the Governor is 3rd amongst Republicans nationally, but leads the field in both Iowa and New Hampshire.


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