Romney to host a GOP summit in Utah

The E2 Summit will be held at a Salt Lake City resort in June.

Former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney has sent invitations for his fourth multi-day Experts and Enthusiasts (E2) Summit.

According to the invitation sent out by former Romney finance chairman, Spencer Zwick:  “The format will be similar to that of the past, with speakers on a range of topics throughout the day and outdoor enthusiast activities each morning and Saturday afternoon.”

Among the parade of announced GOP presidential candidates and those considering seeking the nomination booked to speak:  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Governor John Kasich, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, declined the invitation.  Other invitees are New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, democratic political operative David Axelrod, television talk-show host Katie Couric and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

This event travels under the banner “Strength and future of American leadership.”

Naturally, a chorus line of deep-pocketed donors are expected to attend.

Gatherings such as this, filled with youth and gaiety, tend to be self-congratulatory, self-promoting affairs filled with rhetoric, promises, “fix-it” strategies for what ills the nation and grand visions of the future.  When mega donors join the ensemble, politicians begin the ghastly metamorphosis into obedient propagandists and capitulate to their traditional demons:  Submission to those who lust for power and seek to overwhelm our political framework.

Instead of recasting the party in fairly significant ways, defining individual priorities, showcasing a particular brand of conservatism, repairing disconnect, remaining open to various possibilities of which to take critical attitude, it appears as if the invitees, including the gossipy Katie Couric, and the agenda more closely resemble a group of louche people fulfilling social obligations and enjoying innocuous habits.

Some of the invitees may have a chance to earn the White House; others have no possibility of gaining the nomination let alone the Oval Office.  A smaller number are running campaigns scarcely pulsing with life.  After this meeting, one or two campaigns may need a defibrillator.

Most are looking forward to the self-aggrandizing fantasy keenly.