Only 2 Senate Republicans claim to have read TPP

In what jumps out as a disconcerting reminder of the Obamacare legislative process, only two Senate Republicans–Jeff Sessions and Mike Lee–claim to have read the TransPacific Partnership:

Breitbart News asked every single Republican Senator’s office on Capitol Hill a set of three basic questions.

The first is whether the senator actually read the deal—and specifically the “living agreement” section contained within.

“Has the senator gone into the room where the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is bend held and read the ‘living agreement’ section of the deal that is not available to the public (and which senators can’t even take notes about)?” Breitbart News asked every single office.

Again, only Sessions and Lee confirmed they did. That doesn’t necessarily mean that zero other GOP senators read the deal. It just means that, given a full business day to publicly say they did and not responding, they have now chosen to give off the impression that just days before they will vote on it they haven’t read it. The so-called “living agreement” section of the TPP deal is extraordinarily controversial, and it’s now abundantly clear that the vast majority of Republican members of the U.S. Senate who will be voting on it next week—with the exception of Sessions and Lee—don’t even know what they’re talking about.

On Wednesday Sessions requested the Obama Administration make the “living agreement” section public information prior to the Senate taking up a vote of “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority.

The second question Breitbart News asked every single Republican Senator’s office on Thursday was: “Does the Senator agree with Sen. Sessions’ call to make the TPP available to the public?”

The third question Breitbart News asked each Republican senate office was: “Will the Senator vote for fast track Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) if the TPP hasn’t been stripped of the ‘living agreement’ section that would allow countries to amend the deal without congressional approval, and to even add countries (like China, if they wanted to) to the deal without congressional approval?”

Not one GOP Senate office answered any of the questions—Sessions excluded, of course, because these are concerns he raised—but some did provide subtle quotes or other responses. It’s worth noting that not one member of Senate Republican leadership would say they read the deal as a whole—or have viewed the controversial “living agreement” contained within—either.

Could it be that the GOP is disinterested in reading the TPP because they know it already meets the needs of their lobbyists and donors, who have had access to the secret negotiations behind the trade pact?