GOP stops fighting Obama’s immigration executive actions

Republicans are abandoning their strategy of using Congress’ power of the purse to block or reverse President Obama’s immigration executive actions, which he has used to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants in the U.S.

The GOP had earlier this year threatened to defund the Department of Homeland Security, to force the President to rescind his executive orders, but broke at the eleventh hour before the department was shutdown, having won no concessions.

The Republicans are banking on a different strategy for the future. After getting a severe backlash from the public after their DHS threat in January, Congress passed the DHS budget at the beginning of March with no strings attached.

“The avenue that we took last time was a losing battle, and we knew it was a losing battle going into it,” said Rep. John Carter (R-Texas), who is writing this year’s DHS funding bill. “There might be other things we can figure out. We’re putting our heads together on that — but it won’t be what we did last time because what we did last time won’t win.”

Instead of a direct assault against the President’s executive actions, the GOP seems instead to be relying on the courts to fight this battle.

Judge Andrew Hanen, a federal judge from Texas placed a temporary injunction on the President’s executive orders in February while arguments from plaintiffs opposed to the measures from Texas and 25 other states are heard before the court.


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