Bill Clinton: No regret about Foundation taking foreign cash

Former President Clinton, on a tour of Africa, submitted to an interview with NBC News where he defended his foundation’s fundraising and said he is “proud” of the institution bearing his family name; Clinton added the charity has never been involved in anything “knowingly inappropriate.”

After recent revelations of questionable donations from foreign entities, some originating from despotic governments, tax filings described by Clinton as an “innocent mistake” and accusations the donations were designed to glean favors from the Clintons, the charity recently announced it would only solicit and accept donations from six Western governments in the future.

When quizzed by NBC about whether or not mistakes were made in fundraising, Clinton replied:  “Absolutely not.”  Clinton later admitted he has denied donations but declined to identify the sources.  He then added:  “We’ve got over 300,000 donors and 90 percent of them have given $100 or less.”  Straightaway, Clinton stated the foundation’s scrutiny was the result of critics holding his family to a “different standard.”

Doubtless, the Clinton Global Initiative has been an unqualified success in uplifting the destitute, alleviating suffering among those with the most tenuous grasp on health and education and providing assistance to those living in extreme penury.  Since its founding, the Clinton Global Initiative has emerged to be a model how-to guide for aiding poverty-stricken corners of the globe, raising and distributing over $100 billion on a myriad of health, anti-poverty and education-related programs in 180 nations and enlivening 43-million people.

Clinton allies respond the errors were both inadvertent and understandable given the circular maze of the tax code, other charitable organizations face the same systemic issues and the foundation, established in 2001, has modified its funding guidelines to avoid conflict of interest.  By contrast, critics of the Clintons, some relentless, charge they should not be pardoned for their sins because of their charitable work, allege some large donations were nefarious, enabling unrivaled access to the Clinton sphere of influence and the foundation is a stealth political apparatus for Hillary’s bid for the White House.

The Clintons, an intrepid couple, have dabbled in various issues and fleetingly grabbed headlines, often unflattering.  Although inspections will persist and both the foundation and the Clintons may offer deficient explanations, the foundation has offered unparalleled assistance due to Clinton name recognition.

Few have affection for donations from scoundrels. Although an inexact comparison, Al Capone, the iconic gangster, was well known for his charity.