Hillary’s image rating is slipping, but GOP contenders still behind

Hillary Clinton’s image has taken a hit since the Benghazi “cover-up” and email scandal, both cases which occurred during her stint as Secretary of State from 2009–2013.

According to a new AP-GFK poll, 61 percent of all respondents said that “honest” does not describe Ms. Clinton very well, including 40 percent of Democrats, and 60 percent of independents. A majority think that she had a private email server in order to hide correspondences while at the State Department.

While those poll numbers sound bad, an overwhelming majority, 67 percent, said that “email-gate” is a minor problem at best. Only 20 percent said they were paying close attention to the story at all. The general response to her behavior at State may explain why the general public seems to see her as “strong and decisive”, but not “inspiring and likable”.

Even more demoralizing for the anti-Clinton crowd is the fact that this latest poll found that Mrs. Clinton has a higher favorability rating than any other 2016 presidential candidate, with 46 percent having a “favorable” view, compared to 41 percent “unfavorable”. Republican Ben Carson is the only other candidate with a positive favorability rating.

Here are the ratings for other notable 2016 candidates: Jeb Bush (-7%), Chris Christie (-18%), Ted Cruz (-14%), Rand Paul (-9%), Mike Huckabee (-7%). More than half of all poll-respondents said that they “don’t know enough to say” what they think about Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and every other Democratic candidate.

It looks like presidential-hopefuls in both parties have some advertising to do in order to catch up with the most famous name in the field, but the tide seems to be turning. We’ll see how long they can ride that wave or if Hillary push back enough to pull another Clinton upset like Bill did in 1992.