Obama has decided on location of presidential library

Speculation as to the future site of Barack Obama’s presidential library has heated up since the mid-term elections, with New York City, Chicago, and Honolulu, all being bandied about as possible locations. The president has ties to all three cities, and a viable case can be made for each on the merits. According to an inside source familiar with the proceedings, a decision has finally been made to accept the University of Chicago’s bid to partner with the Obama Foundation and build the library nearly adjacent to campus.

While the exact site is yet to be determined, two likely properties are both located in Obama’s former South Side neighborhood, previous to moving into the White House. The state of Illinois had so badly wanted the library built in Chicago that the state legislature passed a bill recently which allows the building to be constructed on city park-land, which would either be Washington or Jackson Park. The legislation has not yet been signed by Illinois’ Republican governor, however.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who served as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff for nearly two years, is expected to make an official public announcement on his city’s winning bid within the next two weeks.


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