Freddie Gray death ruled a homicide, officers charged

Warrants have been issued for six officers after Freddie Gray’s death was ruled a homicide. It has been determined that he was arrested illegally, was not strapped into the van and was denied medical assistance. The state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, said Gray “was no longer breathing at all” when he was pulled out of the wagon.

From CNN:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby told reporters Friday that her office’s investigation, coupled with a medical examiner’s determination that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide, led her to determine there is probable cause to file criminal charges. She didn’t immediately say who would be charged; a news conference continues.

Mosby said Friday that three Baltimore police officers illegally arrested Gray on April 12. She also said that a knife that Gray had was not illegal.



  1. Florian Sohnke

    Despite the rancor in Baltimore, justice prevailed.

    If only the rioters/protesters/anarchists/Mr. Sharpton had exercised patience.

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