Gen. David Petraeus Sentenced to 2-years probation and fine

David Petraeus


On Thursday, former CIA Chief General David Petraeus was sentenced to two-years of probation and a $100, 000 fine for leaking classified information to his biographer and former lover, Paula Broadwell.

Petraeus resigned from the CIA when his relationship with Broadwell came to light in 2012.

In March, Petraeus plead guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material.

The material was eight binders of notes that Petraeus gave to Broadwell containing details of national security meetings and the identities of covert operatives, amongst other things.

Petraeus gave Broadwell the material to help her write her biography of his career.

The binders were discovered after the FBI searched his home.

The sentence that Petraeus received was a part of a plea deal he made with prosecutors to avoid jail-time.

Petraeus could have faced up to one-year in prison if he were found guilty at a trial.

Abbe Lowell, a lawyer who represents Stephen Kim, a former State Department employee who is in prison for leaking information to Fox News about North Korea is critical of Petraeus’ sentence.

“[Its a]┬áprofound double standard,” Lowell said in a letter to the Justice Department. “High-level officials (such as General Petraeus, and, earlier, Leon Panetta) leak classified information to forward their own agendas (or to impress their mistresses) with virtual impunity.”