Loretta Lynch vote to come, Senate reaches deal on human-trafficking bill

Loretta Lynch, who was nominated back in November, is finally going to get a vote for her confirmation as Attorney General. Democrats were filibustering the anti-trafficking bill due to concerns over abortion restrictions, and Republicans decided to use the Loretta Lynch vote as leverage until the bill was passed.

The deadlock was broken after both parties agreed on language specifying that a victims’ fund established by the legislation would not be used for healthcare or medical services, and thus not for abortions. Trafficking victims would instead be eligible for health care under a separate program already subject to the longstanding abortion restrictions known as the Hyde Amendment, which contains exceptions for cases of rape and incest.

This is a good bill that can do a lot for human-trafficking victims through various resources. Look at what happens when government works together. Both parties have agreed on the framework, and the bill might be passed in time for a Loretta Lynch vote before the weekend.

The Senate could start taking up amendments to the trafficking bill later Tuesday, setting up a vote for final passage late Tuesday or Wednesday. Unless all senators agree to move forward with Lynch’s confirmation, which is unlikely given the rancor surrounding her nomination, a procedural vote would have to take place, pushing her confirmation until Thursday or perhaps early next week.


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