Suicide car bomb kills 3 outside US consulate in Iraq

Three people have been killed by a car bomb that exploded on the street outside the U.S. consulate building Friday, an attack authorities are indicating was carried out in an Islamic suicide mission.

An additional five were injured, including two westerners.

The U.S. moved it’s Iraqi diplomats from ISIS-controlled Baghdad and Mosul to the northern city of Irbil in 2014, they did so because it was considered to be one of the safest areas left in the country (i.e, not occupied by ISIS).

The consequences could have been worse, as reports on the ground indicate that an SUV with three armed men drove up near the consulate’s entrance in an attempt to disrupt security personnel before the car bomb was detonated in the street.

All three men in the vehicle were killed on-site.

While no U.S. personnel were among the wounded today, this apparent act of jihad is significant because it marks the first attack on American property in Iraq since ISIS invaded last year.

The Irbil consulate building is located in a peaceful, Christian neighborhood, and features a one-way entrance that is heavily guarded by an armed security force.

Besides American diplomatic offices, the consulate building is also home to a U.S. military command center which is coordinating coalition air-strike efforts against the Islamic State in central and southern Iraq, and Syria.


[Miami Herald] [Photo courtesy Mitchell Prothero/McClatchy]