Medicare ‘doc fix’ bill passed in Senate, Obama expected to sign

We love bipartisan bills and children’s health insurance. Our friends in Congress do too.

In a broad bipartisan vote, the Senate on Tuesday gave final approval to a Medicare reform bill that includes a permanent solution to the “doc fix,” a method the government has used to ensure payments to Medicare providers will keep up with inflation.

The bill, which passed 92 to 8, also includes a two-year extension of a popular children’s health insurance program.

The bill carries a $200 billion price tag, and Ted Cruz wanted an amendment (which was proposed but defeated) pushed to offset those costs.

The bill, “institutionalizes and expands Obamacare policies that harm patients and their doctors while adding roughly half a trillion dollars to our long-term debt within two decades,” Cruz said in a statement. “Any deal should be fully paid for and include significant and structural reforms to Medicare.”

Rand Paul was the only 2016 Senate candidate who voted for the bill, as Cruz and Marco Rubio voted against the legislation. Yet another example of the Kentucky senator appealing to a wider electorate.