Overwhelming amount of people in NJ think Christie would NOT be a good president

Governor Chris Christie’s chances of becoming the 45th President of the United States are starting to dwindle, according to his constituents at least. A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll finds that only 24% of New Jersey voters think their Governor would make a “good president”, and a overwhelming majority (69%) say he “would not”.

Two corruption scandals have plagued Christie’s administration since the state’s Hurricane Sandy emergency response ingratiated the Governor with the people of the Garden State two and a half years ago. Indeed, his approval rating has been trending downwards since that time, as “Bridgegate”, and more recently the questionable Exxon-Mobil lawsuit settlement his lawyers negotiated, have tarnished Christie’s image. Since February when the latter story broke, those who say he would make a “good president” have dropped by 10%.

Furthermore, a majority of the Governor’s constituents are having a hard time seeing Christie in the Oval Office all together, with 58% of those polled saying he is “not presidential”.

“Voters who know (him) best simply do not see him as president.”

-Eagleton Polling director David Redlawsk

Two other notable groups responding to the survey were New Jersey Republicans, 53% of whom said their governor WOULD make a good president, and millennials, of which 72% said Christie WOULD NOT make a good president.

Maybe Christie should reconsider making the trek up to New Hampshire, and instead concentrate on rebuilding his broken reputation at home in his remaining years as Governor. Mr. Redlawsk summed up the sentiment for Christie’s national prospects this way:

“It does seem that Christie’s better shot at the presidency might have been in 2012…while New Jersey voters were also not keen on him running when we asked in 2011, the national environment was very different, with many Republican leaders begging him to run. Four additional years in office have not helped his case.”

Hopefully he can make the next three better than the last two and salvage some of his fading “conservative hero in a blue state” status. A failed presidential run probably won’t help though, but it’s looking more and more like he won’t be able to resist that temptation.
 We wish you luck Governor, just don’t forget about the people who made you a national figure in the first place!
[Eagleton Institute]