Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi in DC looking for money and guns


In his first official trip to Washington, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be looking to gain loans to help his government fight both ISIS, and the country’s increasingly desperate economic situation.

Iraq has fallen on hard economic times as oil-prices continue to fall and the country faces a $22 billion deficit in its budget this year, which represents a quarter of the total budget.

Prime Minister al-Abadi will be asking for roughly $2 billion a piece from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

In addition to the IMF and World Bank, al-Abadi will also be meeting with the executives of oil companies and banks, including Citibank and Deutsche Bank.

Some of the money that al-Abadi is seeking will go towards the reconstruction of areas of Iraq recaptured from ISIS.

Back in December, Secretary of State John Kerry said that he was open to providing support for reconstruction, but was hoping that other oil-rich Arab states would carry most of the burden.

Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi is also seeking weapons for their fight against ISIS, on condition that they can be obtained on credit.

“One thing we are asking for is deferred payment. That’s one solution. And I think our coalition partner has been very receptive of this,” said al-Abadi.

A lot of this support might be conditional on al-Abadi’s promise of running an inclusive, multisectarian country, which he promised and which the Obama Administration has made a key part of their fight against ISIS in Iraq.

“Our approach to combating ISIL in Iraq is to work with the Iraqi security forces and a multisectarian government that takes a multisectarian approach to defeating ISIL and regaining control of its own territory,” said Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.


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