Boehner brings in impressive $5.4M haul in Q1

It’s that time of year for political committees to start reporting their fundraising revenues for the first quarter of 2015. Speaker John Boehner has brought in around $5.4M with his efforts so far, proving that the guy at the top can raise some serious dough.

Boehner (R-Ohio) raised $906,000 for Friends of John Boehner, his re-election committee; $4.28 million for Boehner for Speaker, his joint fundraising committee which can accept large checks; and $301,000 for Freedom Project, his leadership PAC. Boehner transferred $2.6 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to an aide. The totals were shared with POLITICO in advance of the April 15 filing deadline.

I bet he feels something like this.