Chris Christie is going to kill it on ‘Tell it Like it Is’ tour

It’s his strong suit. It’s his cash crop. It’s his bread and butter. When speaking off script and in town hall settings, nobody performs better than Chris Christie. His campaign is going to capitalize on that this week in New Hampshire.

He begins that quest next week with a multiday “Tell it like it is” tour of New Hampshire, the launchpad primary state that rescued McCain’s 2008 sputtering, low-budget primary campaign after he decided to devote his energy to winning over the state’s finicky voters one intimate town hall at a time.

Let me show you what I am talking about. I’ve probably watched this video 30 times. It is hands down my favorite. He lays it down, hard. Christie has been bashed for being too stern and sometimes rude, but I doubt GOP primary goers are concerned with that.

I think Marie saw that turning out differently. He can make you look like a fool in front of everybody, or he can be a big sweetheart. It’s your choice.