White House trying to chill Iran bill

After busting his balls on the Iran bill earlier, it appears Senate Democrats are going to try and help Obama by watering down the current bill which gives Congress review power over any nuclear deal reached.

The proposed modifications stemmed from administration officials who have been contacting senators in both parties to explain their opposition to the legislation, which was written by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and would give Congress an avenue to reject the nuclear framework after reviewing the agreement. Publicly, the White House is standing by its veto threat, but with support for the measure nearing a veto-proof majority in the Senate, administration officials are also hoping to alter the bill in a way they can live with.

The White House wants a requirement removed which makes the administration certify that Iran is not involved in or a sponsor of terrorism against the US. Also, they want to lift the provision that restricts the president from lifting sanctions during the 60-day Congress review period.