Here comes Rand Paul

With his official launch set for Tuesday, Rand Paul is gaining some unexpected steam. His team published the video above yesterday, and it seems the man who was once only a fan of libertarians is becoming appealing to a wider electorate.

What Paul says Tuesday and in several stops in the following days will be closely watched by a handful of disparate constituencies into which he has tried to make inroads over the past year, including Silicon Valley executives drawn to his libertarian ways and more traditional Republican business leaders who are wary of them. Attracted to his promise of expanding the GOP electorate, they have met with Paul, but many remain unsure of his electability, as well as his views.

While his electability has always been his problem, Sen. Paul is playing his cards correctly when it comes to recent issues like the Indiana religious freedom bill and Iran negotiations.

Nearly all of his potential rivals for the 2016 GOP nomination have been vocal in their support for Indiana’s new religious liberties law, which critics say would allow discrimination against gays. And the Republican response to President Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran has been widespread skepticism.

In both instances, Paul’s office said he was vacationing with his family and would not comment.

He knows what he is doing. Independent voters are not going to favor candidates who support bills the media has labeled as discriminatory. We will see how that strategy continues, as his stance on these issues will be demanded on the campaign trail.


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