Clinton picks campaign HQ

Earlier this week the Clinton team signed a lease for two floors of a well known office building in Brooklyn, setting up the official shop for 2016.

From Washington Post:

The lease for two floors of a 1980s office tower called 1 Pierrepont Plazaputs Clinton’s headquarters in the midst of hipster-cool downtown Brooklyn. Good news for 20- and 30-somethings pulling long hours: There is very good pizza nearby, and lots and lots of coffee. Fedoras, flannel shirts and beards optional.

Hipsters for Hillary, nice.

There is also some FEC red tape that leads us to believe a Clinton announcement is coming within the next week or so.

ThisĀ means a clock is running for Clinton’s formal entry into the 2016 race. Under Federal Election Commission rules, a legal campaign structure must be erected within 15 days of official campaign activity. The lease would almost certainly qualify as campaign activity, and Clinton’sĀ announcement is expected by mid-April.


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