This is not a joke: Bi-partisan Medicare reform


No way. No freaking way. Whenever you see a bill passing with a vote of 392-37, it’s usually bills that outline things we can all get behind (like puppy farms and snow days). But I kid you not, Speaker Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, in the most divided political arena we have seen in awhile, are on their way to passing real Medicare reform.

The House overwhelmingly approved sweeping changes to the Medicare program on Thursday in the most significant bipartisan policy legislation to pass through that chamber since Republicans regained a majority in 2011.

The measure, which would establish a new formula for paying doctors, increase premiums for some Medicare beneficiaries and extend a popularhealth insurance program for children, has already been endorsed by President Obama and awaits a vote in the Senate.

It is even endorsed by the President. We have a slam dunk here. I’m getting teary eyed thinking about people in Congress working together. Also, you know the GOP isn’t messing around when they didn’t even try to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats were pleased that the bill extended some of their favorite programs and did not attempt to roll back the Affordable Care Act, as Republicans have repeatedly tried to do. Republicans felt they had won because, as Mr. Boehner said, the bill made a start on “real entitlement reform” without the tax increases often sought by Democrats.

Good work, guys. Good work.

[New York Times]


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