We have to tell you about the budget

I don’t like writing about the budget. Its boring and there are so many moving parts to keep up with, but it’s important so shut up. We talked earlier this week about how the House set up a Queen of the Hill vote to go through the proposed budgets. Now that we are finished with that, it is time to see what the Senate does. Like I said I don’t like writing about the budget, so I’ll leave Reid Wilson’s breakdown of what events to watch next in Budget Fest.

From Read In on the Washington Post:

The House on Wednesday handed Republican leaders a big win in passing a $3.8 trillion budget plan by a 219-208 margin, with just a handful of GOP defections. The plan that passed included an additional $2 billion in Oerseas Contingency Operations funds that defense hawks had pressed to add to Budget Chairman Tom Price’s (R-Ga.) initial $94 billion number. (Washington Post) 160 members voted for the House Democratic budget; 132 voted for the Republican Study Committee’s budget; 120 voted for the Congressional Black Caucus budget; and 96 voted for the Progressive Caucus’s budget.

The Senate is preparing for its own series of budget votes today, the annual vote-a-rama that could keep members on the floor until late tonight. Republicans and Democrats alternate amendments to build packs of ten that senators will vote on as they negotiate the next pack — and they get to keep offering new amendments until there are no more to offer. Expect a long night in which both sides have to take votes that will make it into campaign advertisements next year.

I’ve always assumed Harry Reid has an early bedtime, let’s see if he can stay awake through all of this. Of course, the GOP didn’t want to waste the opportunity to see if we are repealing Obamacare yet. From Politico:

After two weeks of backroom negotiations with fiscal conservatives and defense hawks, the House approved a spending blueprint that would balance the budget in a decade, transform Medicare and Medicaid, prevent tax increases and repeal Obamacare.

Even Nancy Pelosi is giving her “come on” face to the idea of them repealing Obamacare.

Pelosi was especially critical of Republican plans to hold another vote to repeal Obamacare, noting there is no way for such an effort to succeed while Obama sits in the Oval Office.

“It’s time for Republicans to abandon their fuzzy math and their broken priorities and come together with Democrats to pass a budget dedicated to the future of hard-working American families,” Pelosi said. “I think that’s what we all came here to do, Democrats and Republicans. But you’d never know it to see not one, but two, of the Republican budgets they have put forth today.”

The fact that Nancy Pelosi is the most logical person in the room scares the crap out of me.


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