Obama’s bracket creates even more ‘March Madness’

As he does every year, President Obama released his bracket projections for who he thinks will win NCAA’s March Madness.

He predicted the tournament would play-out like this:

March Madness

Photo courtesy The Huffington Post

He has drawn fire for his selections this year however.

N.C. State players took exception to the President’s prediction that they would be eliminated in the second round by Villanova, but N.C. State prevailed 71-68 in Saturday night’s game.

“What the f*** (is) wrong with Barack Obama,” said N.C. State’s Cat Barber, who scored 13 points in the game.

It is not only  college players who are objecting Obama’s March Madness picks.

Actor Charlie Sheen called out Obama for taking the time to even indulge in March Madness.

He tweeted the following:

Underneath the bad spelling and internet speak here, Sheen is referring to the President in the tweet, whom he calls “Barry Satera Kenya”, which has drawn accusations that he was being racists and invoking birther nonsense.

Sheen expands further on his objections in the video below.


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