Donald Trump forms exploratory committee for White House

Reality TV Host Donald Trump joins Christie, Bush, Walker, Graham and Rubio in the race for the GOP nomination.

With his announcement, Trump indicated he had filed paperwork and created political apparatus in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire in his nascent bid for the White House.  Trump, a hotel magnate who has trifled with bids for public office before, has spent several years eviscerating Obama and the last two months quietly building a staff, which includes veteran political adviser, Corey Lewandowski.  Trump is expected to visit New Hampshire’s business leaders and veterans on Thursday.

Trump’s statement read: “We have lost the respect of the entire world. I am the only one who can make America truly great again!”

Is it possible to quote yawning?

“I”, “me” or “my” appear to be the preferred words uttered from Trump. Whether or not this exploratory committee is a threat or a promise, Trump has little credibility. In addition to being a real-estate magnate, there are gaping holes in his resume:  Trump is also known for his reality show. He’s familiar in the gossip columns for his failed marriages and public romances with models, notorious for both clinging to and advancing the preposterous and pernicious questions of citizenship status of President Obama, recognized for his past attempts to seek the GOP nomination and for occasionally declaring bankruptcy. If he proceeds with his ego-driven bid for the Oval Office, it will be difficult for Trump to keep a lid on uncomfortable revelations and annoying details lurking in the galleys of his personal life, certain to be disinterred by the brute devils on the other side of the political orbit.

This announcement is yet another passage in the all-too-familiar bible of Laughable Trump Egotism. Trump is a political pest who revels in the sound of his voice; his announcement is politically toxic and a feeble attempt at self-promotion. Achieving the White House is dissimilar to acquiring real estate: Trump is no veteran politician and the trail to the White House is filled with tripwires. Trump will discover he cannot buy his way to the nomination through a series of negotiations and his ego, proportionately larger than numerous officeholders, will manifest itself as his most substantial liability.

Trump is a man of burning ambition but lacking commensurate talents; what is needed least is Trump’s swelling presence on our political landscape. “The Donald” is exceptional only in his small world.

Trump should keep his voluble mouth shut, abandon his aimless open-ended journey and retreat to the margins of politics.