CrimAdvisor featured in Funny or Die gun-control sketch

CrimAdvisor is a tongue-in-cheek website created by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The website purports to show the states which have the most relaxed gun laws, where it is easiest for an individual with a criminal background to get a gun.

If you haven’t gotten the joke yet, CrimAdvisor is a spoof of the popular vacation planning website, where individuals post reviews and rank popular getaway destinations and plan trips.

Arizona is ranked as the most friendly place for a criminal to get a gun on CrimAdvisor.

Calling all domestic abusers, rapists and fugitives! No background checks at gun shows or online means little stands between a criminal and his guns. No background checks even to carry a loaded gun! Great road trip for traffickers! Grand Canyon and gun crimes!

CrimAdvisor also has fake testimonials from supposed sketchy characters who try and help to hammer the point home, such as one “user” with the handle of Dr. Gonzo.

Do you know its [sic] easier to get guns in AZ than in Mexico? Haha- more for me:) You can pack heat without a permit- trust me, no one is going to take my parking spot! They have laws that allow non-residents from any state to obtain gun carry permits by mail.

The website also ranks which states are the top producers and traffickers in guns, with Mississippi coming in top at that category. One “user” gave the following review:

Great Odds! Mississippi had the second-worst gun-murder rate in the nation, 92 percent higher than the national average.

Finally, the site also ranks which states are least friendly to criminals seeking to buy guns, based on their stringent background checks, like California.

Background checks on all gun sales make it really hard for criminals to get guns. History of abusing women? Take your business someplace more understanding of your gun needs.

Jim Brady and his wife, Sarah founded the Brady Campaign following near-tragedy. Jim Brady was the press secretary for Ronald Reagan. Being shot by John Hinckley, Jr. in the attempted assassination on President Reagan in 1981 left him in a wheelchair. Brady passed away this past summer at the age of 73.

On their website, the Brady campaign claims to have prevented 2.4 million gun sales to criminals. President Dan Gross goes into further detail.

Ninety-two percent of the American public supports this measure to keep guns out of the hands of people like domestic abusers, rapists, and fugitives. More importantly, it will save lives. We need to let our representatives know that we will not tolerate them putting the interests of the corporate gun lobby ahead of the lives and safety of the citizens they have been elected to represent.

Gross’s quote refers to a new bill being tabled by┬áReps. Peter King (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) to expand Brady Background Checks.

The Brady Campaign also teamed with the comedians at Funny or Die to create a spoof video for their spoof website. Check it out below.

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