2 Ferguson police officers shot during protest

On the evening following the sixth city employee to be fired or leave following the Department of Justice report, protestors gathered outside of Ferguson, Missouri city hall in what were at first seemingly non-violent protests. However, just after midnight shots were fired and two police officers were seriously wounded.

A 32-year-old officer from nearby Webster Groves was shot in the face and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said at a news conference. Both were taken to a hospital, where Belmar said they were conscious. He said he did not have further details about their conditions but described their injuries as “serious.”

“I don’t know who did the shooting, to be honest with you,” Belmar said, adding that he could not provide a description of the suspect or gun.

He said he assumed, based on where the officers were standing and the trajectory of the bullets, that “these shots were directed exactly at my officers.”

Predictably, some have seized upon the unfortunate turn of events with vengeful glee, with one person heard in a recording retrieved by the Associated Press in the immediate aftermath saying, “Acknowledgement nine months ago would have kept that from happening.”

The LA Times and others are reporting that some in the organized protest movement are disavowing the event. Independant Journalist Rania Khalek, whose twitter bio states “Objectivity is bullshit,” further backs this narrative:

Certainly the protest movement is going to face harsh criticism that the actions of a few bad actors will diminish the perceived gains won by the vast majority. This event, on the heels of a week of falling dominos related to the DOJ report, also follow a recent alleged event at a local drive-thru, one which I have provided in-depth analysis to suggest was hoaxed by Huffington Post citizen journalist Mariah Randi Stewart as a part of advancing an anti-police media narrative in concerted action between several publications.



  1. Florian Sohnke

    Protesters here got everything they wanted, but it wasn’t enough. The departure of several top officials, forced out or on their own volition, inspired a protest against law, order and justice. The “hands-up” narrative was demolished by forensic evidence and Officer Wilson’s story stood up to scrutiny.

    To the people who have everything, they still want more. Protesters here seek a lawless society.

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