Ferguson police chief quits

First the officer, then the Judge, and now the Chief: all of the national headliners of the Ferguson, MO law are starting to fall, as a Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation of the police department and municipal court found the respective institutions to be in contempt of the very people they are supposed to serve.

Specifically regarding the Ferguson police department, DoJ found, “a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct…that violates the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments…”. The federal investigation’s report concluded that, “Ferguson’s police and municipal court practices have sown deep mistrust between parts of the community and the police department, undermining law enforcement legitimacy among African American in particular.”

From RT:

United States Attorney General Eric Holder said he was “shocked” by the probe’s findings after its release became public, and told reporters that he would be willing to dismantle the city’s police force if necessary. In the aftermath of the report’s publication, at least one member of the Ferguson Police Department was fired and two others resigned.

Mr. Holder lamented last week after reading the report that, “(t)he notion that you would use…law enforcement generally to generate revenue, and then the callous way in which that was done…was just appalling.”

He has warned law enforcement agencies all over the country that the DoJ is watching them, and that the practices in Ferguson will not be tolerated anywhere.