Veto override fails, Obama wins Keystone showdown

Score one for the Executive branch and President Obama. The Senate failed to muster the 67 votes necessary to override the president’s veto, and for now the Keystone Pipeline is dead. Reaction to the override failure was swift:

“The Senate’s failure to override President Obama’s veto is a defeat for our economy and American workers,” Indiana GOP Sen. Dan Coats said after the vote. “Obama and a majority of Senate Democrats have said no to creating new jobs and increasing our energy security. Despite support from the majority of Americans, this important pro-growth project remains in political paralysis.”

“If we don’t win this battle today, we’ll attach [the legislation] to another bill and win the war,” North Dakota GOP Sen. John Hoeven, a major sponsor of the bill, said before the vote.


  [Image: National Geographic]   [Fox News]


  1. Gwen

    The economy of that region is in jeopardy due to Obama’s “choices”. People need to look beyond the east coast… or just the metro areas. Not every area thrives on big government.

  2. Lyndy

    I am disappointed in this development. It not only shows how “out of touch” Washington is with the responsible voters wishes, but congress has now let another dangerous precident be set – “Veto tantrums” evidently work along with “Executive Order tantrums”. When will they show the “Emporer” he really has no clothes?

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