Rand Paul turns down ‘Parks and Rec’ cameo


Libertarians almost had their match made in heaven, but Rand Paul turned down the opportunity to star along fellow libertarian, Ron Swanson, on Parks and Recreation.

According to Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur, Paul was set to appear on an episode set in Washington, D.C., in which he would have been associated with one of the show’s most popular characters, but ”bailed at the eleventh hour.”

“I think he thought we were making fun of him, or something, which we were not, at all,” Schur told Hitfix, an entertainment-news website. ”We were in fact flattering him, by linking him to Ron.”

Ron Swanson, played by actor Nick Offerman, emerged as a fan favorite during the show’s run, which wrapped up last week. He became somewhat of a cultural icon for some, representing anything ranging from traditional outdoorsman manliness to unabashed libertarianism, due in part to his gruff and straightforward demeanor, coupled with principled but still-comedic views on the United States and government.

Dammit. I think Rand and Ron would be a dream team.


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