More trouble: Clinton only used private email while secretary of state

In a story last week, we pointed out the shady connection between Hillary Clinton’s lobbying efforts as Secretary of State, and subsequent donations to the Clinton Foundation by those very same interests she was advocating for. The tale of Mrs. Clinton’s unabashed corporate lobbying habits took another twisted turn yesterday when it was revealed that in her tenure at the State Department she never used a government email address, instead communicating exclusively through a personal email account. While this may not seem like much of an ethics violation in the grand scheme of the Washington bubble, and besides the fact that the Federal Records Act requires a copy of all federal agency documents to be preserved for the archives (for public consumption), combined with last weeks’ news of Clinton’s use of her office as a global lobbying firm, these emails might contain some further evidence of corruption and general abuse of power.

From the New York Times:

It was only two months ago, in response to a new State Department effort to comply with federal record-keeping practices, that Mrs. Clinton’s advisers reviewed tens of thousands of pages of her personal emails and decided which ones to turn over to the State Department. 

Former director of litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration, Jason Baron:

“I can recall no instance in my time at the Nation Archives when a high-ranking official at an executive branch agency solely used a personal email account for the transaction of government business.”

Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email account to conduct business wasn’t even known about until the House Foreign Affair Committee started probing the State Department for details about the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. It was only two weeks ago that the Department handed over emails related to that incident.

While Hillary Clinton may have not wanted to make her State business public, the current Secretary of State, John Kerry, uses a government email account and has done so since day one on the job.

Maybe she just likes Gmail or something.


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