SNL ISIS Skit faces torrent of criticism

Saturday Night Live handed its loyal viewers another light moment last Saturday evening with a short skit parodying ISIS and their recruitment strategy.  While engaging in a moment of levity, the SNL skit was met with a wave of criticism:  The skit has engendered harsh criticism and polls which ask if the program traversed into sacred territory by mocking the terror group.

The skit mirrors an advertisement for Toyota automobiles which depicts a young, apparently naive woman being dropped off by her father prior to enlistment in to the military. In the SNL skit, the daughter departs with a wink and a smile and the distraught father watches carefully as she departs and boards a pickup truck filled with ISIS hooligans.  The camera closes in on one ISIS goon with a glacial stare who utters:  “Death to America” before speeding off, wildly firing an automatic weapon into the air.

Let’s lighten up a bit here.

Saturday Night Live has provided its audience with forty years of dry, and sometimes irreverent humor.  The iconic show has used humor to capture the verities behind ISIS’ ability to appeal globally, based on media coverage of the recruitment of three British girls, all of whom have trekked to the Middle East to join ISIS.  This skit is SNL remaining consistent with their amusing practice to bring relief and assuage fears even in face of global calamity.  Had the comedy show depicted ISIS as a benevolent group with sincere and legitimate political goals, the conversation would have been different and the skit worthy of scorn. In its forty-year history, SNL has playfully satirized, among other issues:  Domestic violence, slavery, homelessness, religion, race relations, freaks of society and homosexuality; ISIS has now joined the queue.

Politicians venture into far more personal territory against opponents in elections and appear to be forgiven.

We’ve seen much worse on SNL:  Ask Ashlee Simpson.

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