Sen. Kirk: We need to stop putting bullsh!t in essential bills

It’s awesome when politicians act like real people, and Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) did that on Friday when talking to reporters about DHS funding.

From TPM:

“Hopefully we’re gonna end the attaching of bullshit to essential items of the government,” the Illinois Republican, who’s up for reelection in 2016, told reporters in the Capitol.

The message appeared to be aimed at House Republicans, who attached a variety of immigration policy restrictions to their DHS funding bill and are still resisting the Senate bill that is free of the provisions. They intend to pass a three-week stopgap bill on Friday to avert a DHS shutdown before the midnight deadline, which would prolong the immigration fight.

“In the long-run, if you are blessed with the majority, you’re blessed with the power to govern. If you’re gonna govern, you have to act responsibly,” Kirk said

We agree.


[TPM] [Photo: AP]


  1. Florian Sohnke

    I live in Illinois and don’t have a significant problem with Kirk; he has behaved himself and not made people from Illinois look foolish for electing him as Carol Moseley Braun frequently did. I do, however, tend to see Kirk as playing the role of “dissenter” in face of his re-election bid next year. Kirk infuriated some republicans in Illinois by refusing to campaign for Jim Oberweis in his bid to unseat the useless, arch-liberal Dick Durbin. Oberweis could have benefited from Kirk’s assistance on the campaign trail, particularly in the North Shore where conservatives can be viewed dimly by the RINOs who inhabit those communities. Kirk hails from the area.

    Kirk’s insurgent tactic, railing against the House for their antics and slipping in riders, is noble, but he is a politician: His greatest concern is lengthening his stay in Washington and polls suggest Tammy Duckworth, the democrat from Illinois, could present him with a challenge in next year’s election cycle should she run.

    Kirk is no Charles Percy and he can’t self-fund his election as Fitzgerald did, which ties him to the PACs. This is troublesome for Illinois, which is among the most corrupt state in the Union. I don’t want our state to elect another neanderthal like Braun or, worse, Obama.

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