A New York state lawmaker wants to ban this weapon, and it is not a firearm

In a state that earned the number 50 slot on a list of economic and personal freedom, obviously out of 50 states, it should come as no surprise that New York likes to implement restrictive policies. They banned semi-automatic handguns in 2013, and regulated the amount of bullets one can have in 2014. So, what is the next step in weapons restriction?

Obviously, knives, of course. More specifically, knives in the machete variety, much to the chagrin of Danny Trejo.

According to the New York Daily News, New York state Senator Tony Avella wants to ban machetes. Under his proposed law, a NY resident could wind up spending a year in prison for simply owning one. Sen. Avella thinks it is crazy to own a machete.

“The fact that anyone can easily purchase this potentially lethal tool is just crazy.”

Small knives, such as switchblades, are already banned as “deadly weapons” under New York state law. If you so happen to be in NY, and are carrying those items, you can end up in jail for over two weeks and pay the state $300. This senator also wishes to make it a criminal charge to vandalize police cars. Apparently, it is not covered under vandalism?

This comes in the wake of two cases where victims were attacked with a machete. In July, a 17-year old was attacked during an argument at their home in Hempstead, Long Island. The other attack happened in a Bronx restaurant in October.

Certainly, these deaths are tragic. The mantra is, and should always be that all life is sacred and all life matters, but is this really the answer? Will they ban steak knives, swiss army knives, and butter knives? Where does it end?

[Other sources: Mercatus Center, Photo credit: SchmoesKnow]