The manufacturing of public support for immigration amnesty

Immigrant Hecklers

The Permanent Obama Campaign has descended on Miami Florida for it’s latest attempt to convince a skeptical American public that his efforts to fundamentally transform the demographics of American Citizenship are lawful and necessary. That the order has been found by at least one federal judge to not be legal has had no bearing on the Constitutional-Law-Professor-In-Chief, who declares that “The Law is on our side.”

In what has been billed as a “Public Townhall”, Obama took questions directly from illegal immigrants and handpicked supporters of his Executive Action to extend temporary amnesty, known as “deferred action”, to millions of persons in America illegally. The public townhall was closed to the public and, in what has become typical of Obama, there will be no conversation between Obama and those who disagree with his agenda.

The event was sponsored by MSNBC and Telemundo and is just the latest in the media campaign to convince lawful American Citizens that it is a matter of social justice and civil rights and that they are morally obligated to cede legal status to the millions of undocumented persons who have entered the country illegally.

Another example of the attempt by the media to shape public opinion is a recent Associated Press article which presents the “plight” of the Armendariz family, which came to the United States with two non-legal children then proceeded to have two more anchor babies while here, which makes them now eligible for Deferred Action under the DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) requirements. Even the title of the article, “Immigrants feel stuck after judge blocks Obama orders”, is designed to pull on the heartstrings of the typical citizen and present the most positively spun version of the impact of Obama’s amnesty decree.

Obama has made clear his intentions, including in a speech back in December:

Obama’s admission acknowledged that his November declaration provides a de facto amnesty for the 12 million illegals living in the United States.

The confession contradicts his many suggestions, and many media reports, that his Nov. 21 amnesty covers only five million illegal immigrants whose children have citizenship or green cards.

In practice, the president is allowing all 12 million illegals who have not committed major felonies or who are not terrorists, to illegally stay and compete for work against lower-wage Americans and American professionals.

Despite a public in which a majority remain apprehensive of the methods and motives of Obama’s immigration efforts, the tone-deaf President continues to ram his agenda down the public’s throat, servicing his core constituency and the most important thing–his legacy–at the expense of everyone else.


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  1. Florian Sohnke

    Nothing like having Obama stack the deck in his favor when expounding on a contentious issue like immigration. Filling the audience with illegals and adoring followers is Obama’s preferred tactic. Instead of an mixed audience, which could provide a healthy debate and reveal the nation’s true feeling about executive action, Obama, without a teleprompter, faces a gathering of “victims” sympathetic to his actions.

    Similarly to Obama’s deception, it is no shock MSNBC is moderating the rigged presentation: MSNBC knows their ratings are flatlining and their viewership is in full retreat so they simply continue as a mouthpiece for this White House.

    In Obama’s worldview, Executive Action is the device to achieve the “fundamental” transformation of the United States.

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