Alaska goes green today, residents calling in sick to work

Alaska has gone green by becoming the third state to legalize marijuana in the United States. While it is still illegal to sell marijuana in the state, it is legal for those over 21 to smoke it.

The bill passed narrowly in November with 52 per cent of the vote.

Alexandra Gutierrez of Alaska Public media said that “You can still give people marijuana, but you can’t buy it — or even barter for it,” in a story on NPR. “The state is now crafting regulations for marijuana retailers, and the stores will be licensed and operational by next year,” she continued.

While public consumption of pot is still banned, those of legal age can still possess an ounce and grow up to six plants.

With the caveats surrounding the sale and consumption of marijuana in the State of Alaska, various law enforcement authorities are encouraging citizens to be informed before sparking up. This includes the Anchorage Police who have a Know Your Grow page in the municipalities website that outlines exactly what you can and cannot do with pot as of 10 A.M. today.

Alaska Governor Bill Walker filed legislation yesterday to create a marijuana control board.

We are kidding about residents calling in sick to work, but it’s fair speculation.




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