Obama: Rand Paul is an ‘interesting guy’

After doing some GOP mockery at the DNC winter meeting on Friday, President Obama had some nice words to say about Senator Rand Paul.

From National Review:

“Rand Paul!” he began, to groans from the crowd. “No, Rand’s an interesting guy,” Obama corrected, causing his audience to burst into laughter. “No, he is!” the president insisted. Obama called it “encouraging” that Paul recently declared the GOP should go to the South Side of Chicago and “shout at the top of its lungs that the GOP is the ticket to the middle class.”

I would love to see Senator Paul and other Republicans go to the South Side of Chicago and do this. President Obama says they would be welcome, but the rumblings from the crowd make me believe that would not be the case.

“And I was just home on the South Side of Chicago yesterday,” he continued. “And I guarantee you that Senator Paul would be welcome there. We are a friendly bunch. I mean it’s a little strange if people show up and just start shouting at the top of their lungs. But we’re friendly, and it’d be ok.”

[National Review]