Russell Brand draws a picture of news media bias

In his latest episode of The Trews, Russell Brand attacked American news media, particularly Fox News, for painting a biased narrative between two recent shootings. Brand feels that although the recent Chapel Hill murders and the recent Copehagen attack are similar in sentiment, the media is presenting them differently to maintain their narrative on terrorism.

“The Chapel Hill murders are being presented as this lone mad individual who’s really aggressive about his parking space — we’ve all been there,” said Brand. “But Muslim murders are seen as motivated by a book and a religion, so we can go over there and do what we want. It’s okay to condemn them.”

Craig Hicks, who was indicted February 15 by a grand jury for murdering three Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC, has been classified by some mainstream media outlets as a crazed-gunman who was motivated by a dispute over a parking spot.

In his video, Brand takes issue with this representation of the Chapel Hill murders because he feels that it diminishes the impact of the attack.

“But if it was the murder of Muslims because there’s a climate where Muslims are constantly vilified or looked at suspiciously, where there are cartoons of them looking animalistic, then it might seem like had a bit more weight behind it,” Brand said.

He feels that Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein’s attack at a synagogue in Copenhagen, although similar in intent, is being treated differently in the media.

A recent Fox News article highlights El-Hussein’s interest in violence, which Brand feels is being used as a frame for a narrative of violent Muslims in the media.

It is this narrative that Brand feels has created an atmosphere where Muslims have become targets in the media and on the streets. Bill O’Reilly yesterday on the O’Reilly Factor claimed that he has “seen no evidence of anti-Muslim feeling across the country.”

Find Russell Brand’s full perspective on the story in the video above and O’Reilly’s side of things here.


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