UK aggressively recruiting Russian-speaking agents

putin riding a bear

Britain’s foreign-intelligence agency, MI5, has embarked on a mission of expanding their Russia section by posting a job advertisement on the agency website.  The job announcement specifies a narrow scope of work; however, intelligence gathering can be particularly hazardous work and the agency is likely to steer clear of intimidating phraseology to avoid alarming potential personnel.  The assertive style of publication, for public consumption, illustrates what the cost of apathy may be.

According to the agency’s website, MI5 requests qualified “Russian-language applicants who are British, bright and discreet enough not to tweet the good news if successful. Enthusiasm, flexibility and team-working are all important. You’ll have an analytical and enquiring mindset, sound judgment and good attention to detail.

Sounds uncomplicated, but the world of espionage is routinely far more complex and frequently involves sauntering into a menacing wilderness.  Though the solicitation is understated, the position has some lofty requirements:  Once accepted, recruits must submit to a strict appraisal for qualification.  Candidates must have lived in the United Kingdom for eight years; recruits must have at least one British parent; they are obliged to pass proficiency examinations on Russian language and memory skills; and they must successfully advance past online screening, which includes past employment history, and lucid accounts for your interest in Russia and serving the British government.  For recruits who overcome these trials, they then proceed to face a barrage of scrutiny through in-person interviews.

Given the nature of the profession and the overt method MI5 has undertaken to conscript fresh analysts and agents, this gesture signals the West is unconcerned of any response from the Kremlin.


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