The Islamic State basically just declared war on all Christians

Islamic State Declares War

This past Sunday, the Islamic State released a propaganda video that depicted the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. The video was entitled “A Message Signed With Blood To The Nation Of the Cross,” which sounds like a direct threat to all Christians. Furthermore, according to Time magazine, the English-speaking narrator specifically said, “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission”:

The targets are not modern states, but rather “Rome,” and Christians, who are labelled “The people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.” The message was phrased in religious terms intended to transcend national boundaries. The video ends with the Mediterranean waves dyed red from the blood of the murdered men.

The Islamic State basically just declared war on all Christians. This suggests that, despite the president’s rhetoric, the terrorism being carried out by the Islamic State does in fact have everything to do with religion.

This all comes amid a report by the New York Times that “the Islamic State is expanding beyond its base in Syria and Iraq to establish militant affiliates in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Libya.” The latter is where the beheading occurred.


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