Obamacare enrollment on pace

As we approach the second deadline in the life of the president’s landmark health care bill to sign up for health insurance, the numbers look like they’ll meet expectations. While last year was marred in extra uncertainty and a slow rollout, the tax penalty levied on those who don’t sign up for insurance takes effect this time around. The New York Times reports:

In the last few days, the administration has flooded consumers with emails exhorting them to sign up and, in some cases, noting the potential penalties.

“While the penalty is a minimum of only $95 per adult without coverage in 2014,” one message says, “that fee rises to a minimum of $325 per adult without coverage in 2015, and to $695 per adult in 2016.”

The administration hoped to increase the November 2014 total of 6.7 million insured to at least 9.1 million by the end of this year. While enrollment is on pace to exceed this expectation, it falls short of the Congressional Budget Office’s 12 million projection.

Although the law is marred in controversy and doesn’t address the actual medical costs, one thing that’s for sure is that the law works better with the more people enrolled. Stay tuned for more updates to follow as the Sunday deadline approaches, meaning lovers may give each other the untraditional Valentine’s Day gift of health care.

Don’t be surprised to see the government run cheesy advertisements with that angle this weekend. However, the gift of basic health care makes a lot more sense than flowers that die in a week and overpriced American confections that always tend to send the wrong message. Maybe I’m wrong, but call me an old-fashioned romantic.

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